Still very badly in need of help.

Update on my car repair and my need for donations:

Raised so far: $600.00
Still needed: $1000.00
Still trying to raise money locally as well.  … and please remember, many small donations of $10 to $20 can add up quickly.

Things are getting desperate.

The situation I’ve been living with, with not having a car is becoming intolerable. A guy here in town loaned me a car to use while mine is being fixed. But now he is becoming physically invasive, trying hand holding, rubbing my neck and shoulders and then recently he tried to kiss me. And this after I talked with him twice about ONLY being friends, that I’ve been through severe sexual trauma and relationships are out of the question for me now. Trying to push an unwanted kiss on me was the worst.

I’m to the point with the opposite sex that I never want to be touched again. I want no more romantic relationships in this lifetime. With what I’ve been through the very idea makes me panic and now every time I have to have interactions with this guy I panic.

I would just give him his vehicle back and go back to no car except for my dogs. I need a car to get my dogs, especially my very athletic Lindy, out for a run twice a day. But without transportation I can’t get my dog Lindy out for the daily exercise she needs really badly. If she doesn’t get exercise she starts suffering from anxiety which is heartbreaking to see. From anxiety from lack of exercise, Lindy started chewing on one of her hind feet back in February when I had no transportation at all and the weather was too awful to even get her out for walks. She was starting to go lame. Her foot ended up needing medical attention as well as her anxiety. Absolutely heartbreaking. So I’m doing my best to endure this situation with this guy so I can keep Lindy cared for as she needs. I don’t want her to develop another anxiety issue with chewing on and hurting herself. My van will be fixed by the end of the month. The engine and transmission of this van are in very good shape, it’s an electrical problem in the computerized anti-theft system that is needing the repair. Unfortunately it is very expensive.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE… I am begging for this help. I need it so badly. I do not live in a place like a big city with all kinds of options for public transportation. Without a car I can’t get to medical appointments I need. I have to try to find someone to take me to the grocery store and other places. I have no money to put my dogs in doggy day care if I get a ride to appointments or stores and I can’t take my dogs with me. Most critically for me is I can’t take care of my dogs as they need to be cared for. They are my precious fur children, all I have in the world and I won’t survive without them after everything I’ve been through. I either have to keep using this car I’ve been loaned by this guy, and avoid him or fend off his unwanted advances — or give it back and have no self-sufficiency at all and put Lindy again at risk of not enough exercise and starting to chew on herself and hurt herself again from anxiety.

I will continue to update THIS post with donations that come in so everyone will know when I’ve reached my goal. And deep and grateful thank you’s to those who have donated so far.

Much love,