Cosmic Disclosure: Darkness on the Far Side of the Moon


Hello again!

Another update: the free gift link is not working for many people, and other free gift links are not working either, so there may be an issue with Gaia’s video “gifting” feature. I sincerely apologize for offering something that may not be working for you. Soon there will be a new interview up to post here where I will be able to discuss my Consciousness Initiative material in more depth.

UPDATE: Here is a FREE GIFT link to watch my episode of Cosmic Disclosure:

The folks at Gaia have been very excited by the response to the episode that featured me being interviewed by David Wilcock and Corey Goode, and have provided a link that I can share for free viewing. Click the link below if you would like to view it.

Cosmic Disclosure: Darkness on the Far Side of the Moon

From Gaia:

“David Wilcock and Corey Goode introduce us to Niara Isley, a survivor of the most nefarious side of the Secret Space Program. What started as an ordinary job working radar consoles at an Air Force base became a special assignment which would change her life. Recovered memories of her ordeals revealed multiple abductions and a life she endured at a secret base on the moon. Now she is devoted to helping other abductees learn how to move through the trauma and begin healing themselves and the planet.”

What a lot of folks don’t know is how targeted I became after my book was published. It was a terribly difficult time with PTSD triggered on almost a daily basis, and so much going wrong over such a long time period – almost the entire past 3 years – that I have been wiped out financially in many ways.

I had to face the fact that I have been targeted for writing my book. I am still in a far from ideal home situation that compromises my ability to get a good night’s sleep, which is essential to my health and well being and to keep from being overwhelmed by PTSD triggers, that are much harder to handle when exhausted. There are supplements and other things I need to help me regain my health as well.

So, please consider supporting my ongoing and future work in some way that I share below:

I am the author of Facing The Shadow, Embracing the Light: A Journey of Spirit Retrieval and Awakening, available on in paperback and on Kindle. There are many great reviews of my book there and I hope you will read my book and recommend it to others. I poured all my love for humanity and what we could become into that book. Part 3 is filled with insights and awakenings from my journey and process to heal from trauma. After reading this book, you will understand the world you live in much better, and will be better armed to look at the world with new eyes and understanding, empowered with more choice.

I will be continuing my work on what I am calling “The Consciousness Initiative” in future posts, speaking engagements, videos and audios, teaching about the sheer scope of what has been done to human consciousness over the eons, and what can help us escape this “matrix.” There is much to educate about and take action on.

To purchase my book in a way that will give me the full royalty please purchase it here:

PS — If you liked this post, and want to support my work, please consider a donation through the following link:

Donations at this time are going mostly for getting into a stable living situation that will allow me to continue my writing and other work and to regain my health after a 3 year period of great personal difficulty and adversity. Much gratitude to all who have donated funds to keep me going over the past couple of years. They have been life-saving in many ways and words cannot truly express the warmth and gratitude I feel.

With much love and gratitude,



4 responses to “Cosmic Disclosure: Darkness on the Far Side of the Moon

  1. Niara,

    I just saw your episode on CD, and thank you for your service, but more so, your courage and your testimony. I was so skeptical of Corey at first (in fact, I thought he HAD to be lying), and many of my MUFON colleagues still FEEL THAT WAY; yet I know he is telling the truth, and I know you are. I suppose that’s my intuitive ability. And my dad worked at NASA, and I’ve corroborated a bit of the story with his records!

    BTW, I was contacted by “The Consciousness Wave” in 2002, which I am writing about in a book on my invention (as a direct result of this contact). It had no ego/ name, and referred to itself as 5D, and me as 4D. I had no idea what that meant until I saw Corey’s story. Anyway, reach out if you’d like details, share a story.. Namaste’


  2. ‘Facing the Shadow, Embracing the Light’ is a wonderful book that is helping me a lot. No doubt this book is going to be helping a lot of people as we go along. Tiara has taken a great step of courage to put this story out there. And the author has put up a safety umbrella and a green flag for those of us who need to get our story published. Big Blessings to take such a step. That is a given. This is extreme bravery.

  3. I just watched the episode (already a subscriber to Gaia.)

    Feel like I’ve been punched in the the gut. I’m going to buy your book now.

    I’m sorry you are going through bad times. I’m a PTSD pt also. From nothing like your experience though.


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