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16 responses to “Contact Niara

  1. hi diana. i’m the beauty advisor you met at walgreens in mesa.
    thank you for giving me those websites to check out. they are great!
    Grounding makes perfect sense. no wonder i always feel better at Christopher Creek!
    and this can be done in my backyard too.
    thanks so much.
    🙂 kelly

    • Hi Diana, sorry it has taken me so long to reply! I really appreciated meeting you also, and I’m glad you liked the Grounding info. The movie Grounded is now available to watch on Youtube for free, and I can’t recommend it enough!

  2. Was very happy to meet you Fri night at Valley of the orbs. Will definitely be reading your book. I was Aldo in the Air Force and have had some very interesting childhood experiences. Thanks for sending me to your book.

  3. Niara I just finished reading your book Facing The Shadow, Embracing The Light! We met briefly at the MUFON meeting here in Las Vegas where you recently gave a presentation. My complements regarding an exceptionally comprehensive presentation regarding the extraterrestrial phenomena. Thank you so much for your willingness to share your personal experiences. I have attended several of Miesha’s home presentations the past several months. After your presentation here in Las Vegas I mentioned to you the attending of one of our Urantia meetings here in Las Vegas. (I noted that you made no mention of this book in your book as near as I can remember.) I understand you have family here in Las Vegas and return to Las Vegas from time to time with this point in mind. I have been a reader of the Urantia material since 2006 as a result of Don Ware bringing up the material at the International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada. I have been attending our Las Vegas study group since August of 2009. It would be great if you would be willing to attend one of our meetings the next time you are in Las Vegas. I think you will find the material most interesting. Please let me know when you will be in Las Vegas with the hope that you would be willing to attend one of our meetings. Kindly note the Urantia book is not a religion but more of a history book about the organization of the cosmos. I would be most happy to pick you up from where you are staying if you would be willing to attend one of our meetings. Perhaps we can do lunch after the get together since we meet Sundays from 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm. The group is led by Dr Gard Jameson who is a philosophy professor at UNLV. I sincerely hope you will join me for one of your meetings. Thank you again for writing a most interesting book! Lyle Michel

  4. Greetings Niara,

    I want to thank you for your courageous story. Just by chance I happened upon a Dark Journalist (July 2014) YouTube video interview you made and I must admit I was touched. After hearing your explanation about why traumatized memories are not instantly recalled but only resurface when the conscious mind is ready, it personally dawned on me after wondering why I was in a religious fog for 16 years. Recently I returned from a two year trip to China and Malaysia where I realized how asleep and misled humanity has been. With all the wars and mindless pollution happening on such a global scale, I totally resonated with how you said there is only one war and that it is on consciousness expansion: To me that was spot on! Consciousness expansion is of the utmost importance for the human race so much so that it has become for me a personal priority. The vast amount of humans I have seen in various countries convinces me that humanity has been misled and will continue to be misled unless a critical mass consciously awakens.
    And because I consider myself a mystical skeptoid, it impressed me that you look for outward confirmation to match your own subjective experience (as in hypnotherapy for example). In a world awash with so much Internet information, it is easy for people to just believe anything they read, hear or watch only later to become fixated and extreme in a paradigm. To me that is not consciousness expansion. As the mystical skeptoid I have to weigh in OBJECTIVE data with SUBJECT personal claims. Even though I can easily imagine materialist skeptics debunking your story, I wanted to chime in that I appreciate your courage and witness. For years I have seen the mindless extent of materialistic memes of agnosticism that sadly lull people into ignorance and complacency. For me consciousness expansion is to be aware of all the subtle choices humanity makes, especially those that pollute the only habitable planet that we (including materialists) all know of.
    I hope I did not confuse you with any of this. We all have a story and mine is not so exciting. Yet all this was simply written in order to offer a little support when you experience ‘resistance’ or doubt of any sort. It sounds like you have been through a lot so I acknowledge and thank you for willingness to come forward.

    Sincerely and mystically yours,


  5. I bought your book and I have read it and continue to read it. I want to thank you for
    your inspiration. You are a shining light in the dark thanks and blessings.

  6. Hi Neara, Im polite but your time is precious so im straight into it. I saw those beings of the okd when young, I remember two hours of my previous life, the dark killed me. Im sure after listening to your interview Jordan it was on the moon. I was hunted here and they could not kill me. I work soul review process and freewill evolution rights with universal law. My name is James. Hi. Im a truth being in light from the rahvvolin monad line..line 5.. if this resonates please connect if not..sacred space beautiful sis star and Ill check your safe..humbled in service. Much love

  7. Hi Niara,
    I have followed your story wherever I could find it (your book, Richard Dolan, Cosmic Disclosure, etc…) I love your integrity, and my heart goes out to you for your experiences. I have been following Denny Hunt’s YouTube channel “Why is this True”, and he has been interviewing a channeler named Karl Mollison. The information coming through him is truly Earth-changing. I wrote up a summary of the many sessions, and feel you might be interested. Here it is:
    Hope this information helps you cope with your situation. You have contributed much to my understanding of what is going on here on Earth.
    Love and Light to you,

    p.s. Don’t mind the airplane stuff. My real passion is helping us all understand our place in the Universe, and bringing Creator’s Light back to Earth.

  8. Niara, my name is Ken and received your book for Christmas.
    I just wanted to relate a couple of things.
    I was a 30332, AC&W Radar Repair.
    I worked at the Crow Valley Range in the Philippines from 83-86. Same mission as Tonopa training crews in the Pacific.
    When I was in northenn Maine at Caswell Air Force Station, next To Loring AFB it appears that I too was abducted in 1978.
    I finally got the nerve last July and did a regression. For 40 years I had no recall of what had happened. The morning I was returned I got a call from Loring that I had a dental appointment. This was around 7am. I don’t know what our friendly goverment did, but other than the regression and what my wife has told me over the years, I remember absolutely nothing.
    Just thought there were some interesting syncronicities between us.
    I am enjoying taking the journey with you, maybe I will learn something about mine.
    Have a wonderful day/night/year.
    Ken, retired AF E-7, 1992.

  9. 15 november 2019

    Ben Kerkhof, ex – MILAB – abductee,
    The Netherlands

    Hello Niara,

    I heard your story via YouTube.
    I came across some very helpful thoughts, that made me aware that even the Draco-Reptilians and other malevolent species exist for a good reason.

    Consider the facts :
    A Draco-Reptilian enjoys to live in tunnels, underground, without appreciation for the colours of a rainbow, the sound of a waterfall, the fragrance of flowers.
    According to Corey Goode, even the Royal White Draco had a completely rotten smell all over him, like strong urine.

    How much more devoid of dignity, cleanliness, love, PURPOSE and TRUTH can such a creature be ?
    Even a dog knows how to distinguish a foul smell from fragrance !
    Instead of fearing them, we humans must feel very sorry for these poor devils, who think they are the Masters, the Royals.
    Thes poor cold-blooded losers have no heart, no creativity or humour.
    Not even the wisdom to judge right from wrong, or to recognize greed, arrogance or bitterness.

    Maybe – at a big turning point in time ( soon ! ) – these Draco’s, or at least their Royals, will have for an instant split-second the realisation of how cruel, ignorant, poor, helpless and false they are, when mirrored with Enlightened Beings.
    At that moment, the punisment is to realize they have to reincarnate as a Draco again, and again and again.

    So the real secret about the Draco, the Cabal or any negative force, is that it makes us realize again how beautiful human life can be, how colourful.

    Many thanks for your good works, and may we continue to inspire each other.

    Ben Kerkhof, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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