About Niara Terela

I have been a spiritual seeker from almost the cradle up. After discovering a disturbing three-month block of missing time in 1980 from my time as an enlisted airman in the U.S. Air Force – during which I had only the most general of memories – I underwent hypnosis to recover some of that missing time and to investigate other earlier memories and strange dreams from my childhood. What I discovered was staggering and life-altering, turning life upside down for me for a good many years, launching me into more study and research to find out what had happened to me, why, and in what context, and to heal from the ensuing emotional fallout.

As an experiencer of extraterrestrial abduction/contact and strange milab-type experiences while in the Air Force, I’ve gained deep insights into the workings of our world and the roles that different groups of extraterrestrials may be playing in it. Today I work to raise public awareness about the reality of extraterrestrials, to shed light on the machinations of the “shadow government” and re-frame it all in a life-affirming and hope-filled vision of where we may be headed as a species from my own life-long spiritual experience and perspective.

I bring to my work as well many years of self-study over a variety of disciplines. I’m a writer, artist and body-centered life coach, and founder of Durango Exopolitics, a local discussion group and durangoexopolitics.blogspot.com, which has become widely read over the internet since its inception. It is no longer updated due to other work in progress.

I feel a personal sense of mission to present all the solid testimony and evidence I can to help people understand that extraterrestrials are real, are visiting our Earth and that contact with spiritually advanced and benevolent extraterrestrials could reshape our planet and society in ways that many of us have dreamed of – a world of peace, cooperation, sustainability and deep caring for each other as we move into an era of free energy and the ability to resolve our environmental crisis and move beyond economic slavery. What we must discover and create is the common energetic ground upon which this meeting can take place.

I hold a BSW (Bachelor’s in Social Work) from California State University, Sacramento, a certification in Body-centered Life Coaching and Radiance Birthwork from the Hendricks’ Institute and a certification in working with Highly Sensitive Clients from Elaine Aron, Ph.D. I am also certified in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique from Dolores Cannon, and in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

As an experiencer of extraterrestrial contact, I also understand the common problems, issues and often extraordinary insights and awakened talents of those who share a connection with this phenomenon.


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  2. it’ so good to see the pieces falling into place. the hardest part is dealing with the time. how could a kid walking home from kindergarten in canoga park get picked-up by three adults in a car in 1959, and then spend 356 years on the moon as a mining slave/gladiator? how could a person then be here, now, and have memories falling into this time that are beyond all belief?

    i used to listen to that rock song “time” from the late sixties over and over and over when i was a kid in high school. it meant something, it was code, it was truth seeking it’s destination in a convoluted wavefront that broke over the rocky shore of secrecy defense systems. the code was in the hiss of the wave as it was shoved back into the sea of lies.

    soon enough, it will be time to tell the story. a story none will believe, and none want to hear.

    i apologize in advance for the pain it will bring to those who were there, running, as i have all my life, from those days out of place.

    it seems it must be told, is waiting to be told, and i must tell it. to those who knew my name then, STAND as you stood then.


  3. Accidentally bumped into Dolan interview. The details are 100% accurate – the technologies are now highly portable, small, advanced, and widespread around the world. . . Snowden in latest interview explains that govt’s not only have and use standard pervasive technologies ( standard wire tap, email, cell phone, facial recognition, massive cross referenced data base of family, friends, travels, contacts, ) – all are not only used to “track” ‘citizen’s, but to predict their future moves, and to control every aspect of that future. It is this aspect of total individual control, that is New and threatening. I am exploring just a tiny subset of the Control culture on psychomobz.com — it is all interconnected and related. Your ” what I am doing, and how I am doing” recent posts have a textbook parallel to many other people who are in similar non-mainstream fields.. . . . Good luck. robin dusty graves Sept 2015

  4. I watched your interview with Jordan Sather on YT. I will be purchasing the book you wrote about your experiences. I was also in the AF and am an empath. I am relieved and happy you have been able to recover, to a great degree. I could feel your pain, anxiety but near the end of the interview could also feel the strength you have gained. May God Bless you and continue to give you strength to continue healing! Blessed Be!

  5. I just listened to you speak on the radio, and your words were moving and inspirational. My Brother and I had a UFO experience while tent camping in Vedewoo between Cheyenne and Laramie, WY.

  6. I truly believe you, not sure what it will take for the rest of the world to open their eyes. We are so distracted by our everyday lives and it keeps us in the dark. We are programmed only to believe in a God that will make everything alright, so we pray and wait for a miracle. And it’s hard to get people to believe anything else. We are brained wash completely.
    Your journey has been very difficult I’m sure, but I believe you. If you keep speaking the truth, there will be some that listen. Keep the faith of truth!

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