My Response to a Bogus Article Posted About Me on the Internet Recently

Some Facebook friends alerted me to the posting of several articles on the web yesterday with headlines like:

“Lizard men abducted me to the moon for sex”, “Woman claims she was abducted to the moon by lizard men…”, etc. Ad infinitum… ad nausem.

The following is what I posted on Facebook about this:

“This is a bogus story folks. I never made any such claims. If you want to know the real story of what happened with my experiences, please read my book, “Facing the Shadow, Embracing the LIght: A Journey of Spirit Retrieval and Awakening.” Part of the reason I wrote it is to put, in my own words, what I remember and what I’ve researched and data I have collated on my experiences and the experiences of others. And for the record, I really HATE drama. I never made any such claim, ever, nor would I ever lend my name to such a sensationalistic headline even if there was a shred of truth to this. Actually, I thank you for bringing this to my attention. I have posted a similar comment to this on the actual article page.”

My words from previous articles and interviews have been grossly twisted for cheap and grotesque sensationalism. This is one of the reasons I wrote my book, so that my statement would be on the record as precisely as I could write down my memories of what I remember happening. If anyone wants the REAL story, they are going to have to buy my book and read about it themselves. The book, Facing the Shadow, Embracing the Light: A Journey of Spirit Retrieval and Awakening, is available on as a paperback or Kindle edition. I hope to have a PDF version available soon, and an audio version will be in the works as soon as my current life transition, a move to a new community, is complete and I have settled in comfortably. I am just coming out of an extremely rough year and a half in my personal life. Having to deal with this kind of article nonsense at any time is an awful thing to have to deal with any time, but especially so now after such a difficult and trying year and a half.

Here is the link to my book on

I am a highly sensitive person and an introvert. I NEVER express myself in such dramatic terms. What happened to me while in the military was horrific, but to my knowledge, was primarily perpetrated by human men, not reptilians. Did I see reptilians as part of my experiences? Yes, a couple of times as recalled in the pages of my book. But not in the manner alluded to by these articles with their ugly and sensationalistic headlines. And mis-quoting me to boot.

I suppose this kind of trash is what one has to deal with when making their story of extraordinary experiences public. I came forward publicly for several reasons with interviews beginning back in 2009. The first reason was to shed light on horrible human rights abuses going on under National Security Act of 1947 secrecy. When I had the thought that by staying silent, I was allowing such abuse to continue for others, I knew I had to write the book. I wrote it for my own healing. I wrote it so one more voice would be saying we don’t need fossil fuels and we don’t need to destroy our environment digging them up and burning them in our vehicles. And many more reasons that should be evident to those who have read my book.

No one should have to live with the kinds of experiences that will haunt me for the rest of my life. But I do. I do it as successfully as I can, with lots of time in the healing beauty of nature, with a morning spiritual practice that includes vipassana meditation and contemplation, and WITH AS LITTLE DRAMA AS POSSIBLE. Because you see, when the experiences are as bad as the ones I live with, they don’t need extra drama or embellishment. At least among average folks who are not drama kings or queens, who have some personal compassion, sensitivity and empathy.

A person who is kind, compassionate or empathic would not do such headlines or articles as the ones appearing on the web around this completely twisted and bogus article or articles. They would know that it just adds to the pain I will live with the rest of my life about what happened. Such articles, if I was being truly hyper-sensitive it would feel like a kind of rape all over again, having such ugly words applied to me in any way.

But at least I’ve moved beyond that — those who twist my story with these kinds of untruths are the ones responsible and accountable for their words.  There are all kinds of trolls who have slammed much of my writing on the internet and in my book, many with clear or veiled agendas of their own. Some day it may come back to haunt them, but I’m not going to worry about that. I’m just going to refute it here and everyone is free to make up their own minds.

Even those who have read my book, with some other agenda most likely, have taken things I’ve said in it and slammed some of it, without seeing or mentioning that I myself say in my book that I don’t ask people to believe in what I say, but to do their own research. Those without some kind of spiritual outlook on life and our universe will likely miss many of the points in the book as well. But I did write the book to be as down to earth and pragmatic as it is spiritual.

But I knew that by publishing my book for my own altruistic reasons, I would probably have to contend with this kind of crap from time to time. So, in addition to the statement my book makes, I’m choosing to simply publish this statement, here on my website, that this is material taken from my experiences and twisted to suit the purposes of the persons who are publishing this and re-publishing it again and again – to shock, to frighten, to sensationalize, and to muddy the water of what really did happen. It is a gross unkindness.

And after what I’ve been through, I consider unkindness to be one of the cardinal sins.

So, again, if anyone wants the real story, from me, please buy my book.

Many Blessings to you readers,



6 responses to “My Response to a Bogus Article Posted About Me on the Internet Recently

  1. Yeah, I found this by someone posting that article on my facebook; its messed up that someone actually took your experiences and changed it into that messed up junk.

    I’ve had my own hard life and strange experiences too including an encounter I still cannot fully explain, a long with other stuff that’s too long to really go into detail, abuse in the psychiatric community lets call it to keep it simple.

    I don’t read books a lot, I probably should more often, I’m sort of intrigued though because of what I experienced and want to see what you have to say and if I can relate to any of it.

    I’m fairly certain I was “taken” and I think these “crazy rumors and embellishment” of the Extra Terrestrial situation comes from the abuse going on in the psychiatric community, when really its far more bizarre but low key at the same time.

    Like from what I’ve been through, the names they’ve been given fuels the fumes of fantasy when your in situations like that, and then the imagination can begin to just run wild.

    I’ll keep this short thought, email me if your interested in talking at all, I really have no one who wants to talk about it with me, those who do end with calling me nuts or saying to just ignore it, but I can’t it happened, this happened, I know what a hallucination is and what an apparition is and the difference, I’m not stupid, its just almost impossible to explain.

  2. I concur with Joanna, I also suggest an attitude expressed by my dear friend, Rev. Terry Cole-Whittaker, “WHAT YOU THINK OF ME IS NONE OF MY BUSINESS.” Ignore the trolls. Massive Blessings

  3. Just caught your Dark Journalist interview after googling you on reading your book. I strongly hope (and to some degree trust) it will lead to more healing, more peace, and all that’s needed for you to be unconditionally happy. Happiness is infectious, I’m pretty happy myself, so, if there’s any way you can accept it, I’m sending you some with this! The pix this blog app is bringing up with me is one that was 20 years old 20 years ago when I put it there as a joke. I’m actually 70. Our paths may actually have crossed since I met and received a Second Initiation from Paul Twitchell in 1969 and have been a student of Eckankar ever since, and you mention Eckankar in your book. There’s a blurb for your book on my FB timeline which hope, if you see it, you’ll like.

  4. Niara,

    I am 325 pages into your book. I truly have empathy for what you have gone through in your earlier years. After my morning meditation and spiritual communications I have been reading your book until the hunger pangs tell me it’s time for breakfast.
    I’ll connect with you when I finish your book it and we can have some in depth conversations about the greater truths of life.

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