It’s been a very hard road since publishing my book

Updated, 3/27/2017

I know that it’s been a very long time since I have posted anything. I’ve been going through such an incredibly hard time since publishing my book. I have never had such a terrible run of luck. After three years of this, it’s time to look at the fact that I am targeted for some of the things that I disclosed in my book.

I am trying to stay afloat in my life financially and take care of myself and my beloved dogs and it just keeps getting harder and harder. I currently have no working vehicle, which is extremely difficult living in a rural community. I have no way to get myself to any place where I can practice my hypnosis work or do anything else to bring in money. I have PTSD from the experiences I had in the military, and that PTSD has been triggered on a regular basis for the last three years, making it extremely difficult to function normally. Anxiety is the way I feel most of the time these days, wondering what is going to be taken away next. If I lose my dogs in any way, I don’t know that I will ever recover from that.

This is going to have to be a short post for now. It may have errors and I’m sorry for that, but this has to be done quickly. My computer is not functioning and what I can do on my tablet or phone is very limited right now. Below are 2 links where people can send me donations. If anyone can send anything, I would be most grateful. If the links below do not show up as active hyperlinks, please copy and paste the links into your browser to access one or the other.

I removed the GoFundMe link, as I will be creating a new crowdfunding project for a tiny home with help from an organization in Colorado that builds tiny homes for veterans. Creating a better living situation for myself that isn’t taking almost all of my meager monthly income is key to my health and recovery and to getting back to my work.

My wish list beyond donations:

A recreational vehicle, class C or class A, travel trailer, or tiny home, 25 to 30 ft. It would have to be completely in good working order as I have no money to put into it at this time to make everything functional.

A  reliable, good running van would also be a huge help.

Here is a recent interview I did with Patty Greer, Kim Carlsburg and Laura Eisenhower with Alfred Lambremont Webre hosting on Youtube:

And an older interview I did has resurfaced on The Event Chronicle, done with Daniel Liszt, Dark Journalist:

Other help would be to buy and read my book, available on, and if you like it, give it a good review on or elsewhere and recommend it to others. I poured all my love for humanity and this planet into writing it for over 4 years. Now because of what I’ve disclosed, my life is being dismantled a chunk at a time. It’s very scary. I have little energy these days to put into promoting my book.

My book on in both paperback and on Kindle:

The next part of the work I want to put out will be about a possible consciousness-based solution to the huge problems we face on this world today, if I can keep body and soul together long enough to do it. This may include another book, audios and/or videos.

Thank you to everyone who reads this, and even more thanks if you can help me.

Many blessings,

Niara Terela Isley


One response to “It’s been a very hard road since publishing my book

  1. Hi Niera,
    Just finished watching your interview with Alfred Webre and the other 3 remarkable women. I was so incrediy moved by all of you. To hear another person speak what I am screaming in my head about the political situation right now…that neither will work! We need a total and complete overhaul – and it’s going to take us to do it!!! Thank you!!! Such immense gratitude – feel like I’m going crazy when everyone around me is so passionately discussing one party or politician. We are so past that!!!!!
    Please know that I fully believe you are a warrior and thank you for bringing this information to light. I cannot wait to read your book and intend to read it ASAP. The ideas that you surmised about conciousness in your book and the interview really resonate with me. It is as if these concepts are at our fingertips – yet living in this 3-D world sometimes makes it so difficult to stay in our hearts all the time (as I see you know well from recent first hand experience). Difficult but not impossible!!!! Sending much love sister!!

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